Slowly cooking meats over oak, pecan or mesquite woods is an age-old Texas tradition. This classic American cuisine has now arrived in Beijing with its first Texas-style Bar-B-Q house.
At Tim’s, we hand-rub our beef briskets with a secret blend of spices and smoke them slowly to allow the flavors of the meat, smoke and spices to come together. We use ribs and chickens sourced from only the finest butchers and season them to make your mouth water. We make our own sausages, in-house, according to the family’s exacting recipe and to the highest quality standards. These specialties are accompanied with all of the traditional Texas-style side dishes.
For larger groups, we offer a banquet-style meal so that your party can sample nearly everything on the menu. We've introduced some classic Tex-Mex dishes to our menu and serve the best enchiladas this side of the Pacific. Our steaks are sliced fresh and char-grilled to your order. Our food and drinks are served with that friendly Texas service, so pull up a chair, pardner, and enjoy some good ol’ home-style Texas meal!
Tim's Texas Bar-B-Q is Texan owned and operated since October 2006.

Tim's Texas Bar-B-Q于2006年10月在北京开业。德州人拥有和经营。